Day 2~ At Sea

Day 2 of this luxurious was an at sea day, as we made our way to Santorini, Greece. We took our time getting up and ready for the day as there was no rush to be anywhere specific. We could just enjoy being in vacation-mode. Everyone took a shower and for a cruise ship cabin bathroom, there was a surprising amount of space to get ready. (I’ll be honest, I had thought it was going to be like trying to get ready inside a locker- but it wasn’t! 🙂 )

Skye really liked being able to see exactly where we were on the TV too.

The stunning view of Italy was what we woke up to as we approached the waterway between the southern mainland of Italy and Sicily, Italy. Caleb loved watching the “little boat” (Pilot Boat) that guided us through.

After all that excitement and everyone was ready, we made our way to the buffet breakfast. There were so many options and types of food from different countries, it was hard to know where to start!

I was pretty partial to the omelette station, the kids headed straight for fruit and cereal, while Corey was the ‘a-little-of-everything’. I am pretty sure we all gained about 5lbs on this trip, but the food was completely worth it.

After breakfast the kids couldn’t wait to go to the pool. Something about swimming in a pool on the ocean. For being an at sea day, the pool wasn’t overly crowded. We were able to get lounge chairs close enough to the pool to let the kids play and we could relax, watching them have a good time. We were at the pool for a good while; long enough for both kids to work up an appetite again, even after a big breakfast!

We ate a light and quick lunch poolside and at that point both kids were begging to return to the kids clubs. They already knew the themes for the day and activities planned and couldn’t wait to get there. Caleb’s afternoon consisted of Fun Factory Olympics- making a torch, an obstacle course, races, and more olympic-style games. Skye’s afternoon was games, ping-pong tournaments, and a photo mystery hunt. (Like a scavenger hunt, but where they searched the ship for items and took pictures of them instead of collecting them.)


After we had dropped the kids off, Corey and I decided to explore the ship more. There really was so much to see and no way to take it all in at once. We walked through what I called the ‘shopping district’, found more restaurants and bars that would get busier into the night. It was beautiful looking out the windows and staring at blue as far as the eye could see. We wandered, we talked. Mostly we were just enjoying the time together after the deployment time apart. We even went to a Tour the Ports of Call presentation to hear a little more about the shore excursions through the cruise line and a champagne art auction just for the heck of it! That last one was mostly for the free glass of champagne (drinks on a cruise can be expensive!), but some of the art pieces were pretty interesting to look at.

This was the first formal night of the cruise so we picked up the kids about an hour before our dining time. With one bathroom and 4 people we wanted to make sure there was plenty of time for everyone to get ready and not feel rushed. I don’t think Corey was thrilled about wearing the dress shirt and tie, but he survived. Dressing up once in awhile never killed anybody that I know of.

After another delicious dinner, and both kids practically begging to get back to the kids clubs, we dropped them off and went to the Captain’s Gala Welcome Toast, followed by a fantastic stage production called Centre Stage. Actors, singers, dancers; it was a full Broadway-style production.

We picked up Caleb after the show, knowing it was well past his usual bedtime. All the way back to the cabin he excitedly told us all about the night’s ‘Fairy Tale Adventures’ theme; making a crown and magic wand, a saving the princess mission, wizards, giants and elves games, and even story time. He was falling asleep even before finishing getting his pajamas on.

Skye had also attended the show with X Club and then went to a teen karaoke competition afterwards. She stayed out later than we did most nights of the cruise!

I can definitively say we all slept very well on the cruise. With so much to do, you are beyond ready to sleep by the end of the day.


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