Chapter by Chapter Resources and Links for Story of the World: Volume 2 Chapters 41-42

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Activities are aimed specifically at elementary age

Activities for middle school age

Activities for both age ranges

(I will continue to update as we work through these chapters and I find more resources to incorporate, as well as add pictures.)

Options for each chapter:

  • Read chapter
  • Answer review questions from activity book either written or orally (I usually write the questions in the notebook, leaving space between each for them to write the answers. It takes a little extra time to write the questions myself, but it helps me keep up to date with what they are learning and to know what to ask about.)
  • Map work from activity book
  • Coloring page from activity book
  • Pick a craft project from activity book
  • Timeline Entry or Timeline Cards  (We stapled the printable timeline inside the back cover of the notebook and add pages as we need them by taping them to the last one. It will end up accordion-like.)
  • Chapter Test

Chapter 41: Explorations in the North

    • Read about John Cabot; Click on Cabot on the map
    • Watch John Cabot-Explorer**

Chapter 42: Empires Collide

      • Watch The Epic Failure of the Spanish Armada**

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