Days 6 & 7~ Istanbul, Turkey/At Sea/Kusadasi, Turkey

After being docked overnight in Istanbul, we set sail after lunch for Kusadasi. This felt more like an at sea day since we stayed on the ship. We saw Istanbul the day before and had fun enjoying time on the ship instead.

We spent the day doing on-board activities (of which there are MANY to choose from), eating (because the food is amazing 24/7), and swimming at the pool. Caleb even danced with me!

We managed to hold onto the kids until lunch, then they were asking for the kids clubs again. The counselors for both the Fun Factory and X Club really were amazing. They kept the kids having so much fun, it was almost difficult to get them off the ship on port days. There was another fabulous dance and aerial show in the evening, which we got Skye to attend with us.

Day 7 we arrived in Kusadasi, Turkey around 11am. I will be honest, Kusadasi was the one stop on the cruise where we had little to no interest. We still got off the ship for a short walk through the bazaar just outside the port, picked up a few souvenirs, then went back to the ship.


With so many of the passengers off at the port, we pretty much had our pick of areas of the ship to ourselves. Skye went off to the library in search of new books to read, while Corey and I took Caleb to the pool for awhile, before letting him go back to the Fun Factory.

After dinner, wonderful as usual, they both went to the kids clubs again. I wish I had taken more pictures of the food. It was honestly as visually stunning as it was delicious. While the kids were off doing their thing, super hero theme for Caleb and egg drop challenge for Skye, Corey and I took in a beautiful sunset, followed by a Mentalist-Illusionist type show in the theater.


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