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Moving to Montana…

So, part of the description for this blog is about living in Montana and the beauty of it. One would assume actually living there is a part of that 🙂 My family is actually in the process of relocating back to “The Last Great Place.” My husband is originally from there and over the years of his military career we have visited as often as we could. Now that he is getting out of the Army, we couldn’t think of a better place to go back to and call home. I am honestly beyond excited about this move and being able to raise our kids in a place with such a rich history and of course, so many outdoor options it could make a country girl’s head spin!

Over the years, I have had the opportunities to travel to many beautiful places, especially while living in Germany, but for me, Montana tops them all. There is a reason Montana is called the Treasure State. From the gorgeous mountains to the vast open space of state and national parks, the cutest and most hospitable small towns to spectacular skiing and snowboarding locations, there is just so much to say and do in Montana. And I look forward to writing more about every place we see!

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