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How was your Easter? This was our first Easter living close to family, so we volunteered to host. We ignored the fact that the downstairs still has a few small mountains of boxes. We went with, “They are family. They know we haven’t lived here very long. They won’t care.” And they didn’t. The day went great. There was plenty of food and thankful blessings to go around, the kids had a blast hunting for eggs with their cousins, and there were even a few rounds of horseshoes played before the cold pushed everyone back inside.

Did I mention this was the first holiday we ever hosted for my husband’s side of the family? No pressure, right?! I will admit, I was a bit of a nervous wreck in the days leading up, but it all turned out better than I had hoped. To me, everyone leaving full and happy is a sign of a good day and dinner.

I hope your Easter was filled with love and family!

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